በኦሮሚያ ገቢዎች ባለሥልጣን የ2011 ዓ/ም
የግብር እና ታክስ ጥሩ አፈፃፀም
ከክልሉ 3ተኛ ከቡራዩ 1ኛ ወተናል::
በመሆኑም ይህ ውጤት የመጣው በሁላችንም
ጥረት ስለሆነ እንኳን ደስ አለን!
ለማለት እንወዳለን:: ቶፕ ውሃም አገርን ለመገንባት
የግብር እና ታክስ ጥሩ አፈፃፀሙን በዚሁ ይቀጥላል

We are so proud to announce that Top water holds the following ISO certification


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1How is Top water different from other bottle water company?
It’s a very good question. You may think all bottled water companies are much the same but you can trust us to be different. Our factory is supplied with different modern, robotic technology made in Europe and are 2017 models. We also have three machine lines. Our range of plastic bottle making machine are further used to manufacture a wild number of plastic jars. The jar manufacture capacity is 900 jar per hour, the other one and two litters produced 18,000 bottle per hour. Consistency have major value in top water, that’s why we have two boreholes in our factory. Our end users need not worry if the boreholes are running dry or not cause if one hole gets dry we have another one just in case. For drinking purpose having low TDS (total dissolved solid) is a qualitative term. Most bottled water in Ethiopia the TDS is high. Water with TDS less than 50 is excellent for drinking and it tastes good. Top water is happy to announce that our TDS is 10 so that people can not only drink but enjoy the test.
2What different method do you use to distribute your product to your consumers?
Nothing makes a consumer happier than getting what they ordered deliver to their home, office on time as promised. Top water is ready to serve its client’s demand by using convenient way to bring you high quality water at your door step.
3Where does top water factory located?
Top water factory is located in Ethiopia Oromia region, Burayyu town at Tatek Nonno.
4What kind of training does Top water give for its employees?
Top water wants to create and maintain a quality certified management system for its company. Here is the list of some of the most popular ISO training we took. ISO 22000: 2005/FSM ISO 9001: 2015/QMS
5It’s well known fact that Ethiopia face water shortage and lack of access to clean water, with this in mind how is TOP water trying to get involve to make a difference?
Ethiopia has a great potential of both surface and ground water resources, but sadly up to this time Ethiopia does not fully provide access to clean water especially in rural areas. As a result, most people that live around these areas are constantly forced to drink the water which brings sever health impact. We believe that in most cases this failure happens because of the none involvement of the community. As a concern citizen Top water is getting involved in those needy areas by organizing several boreholes programs. This is a major initiative to drill new boreholes in this region of Ethiopia. The drilling will be done by Top water so that people of that area can have access to clean water. We’re not just going to stop their but expand our program so that we can cover other needy areas. Also as a plastic bottle manufacturing factory one of our main concern is the environment. Plastic bottles pollutes land and water by just sits and accumulates in landfills. But this could all be avoided by reducing the amount of plastic waste that goes into our land, lakes and natural environments. How? Top water will collect plastic bottles and recycled it to many new beautiful and meaningful objects like shower carpets, toys, dust bins, flowerpots are some to name. To help us gather the plastic bottles we’ll hire street children. This processes will not only give them opportunities necessary for their development, but also the communities in which they live in. This might not fully unravel all the problems but its solving one problem at a time.


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